Selena is a universal software for design and analysis of buildings and industrial structures. It allows to construct analytical models of any degree of complexity, perform strength and buckling analysis and optimize parameters of dynamic systems.

The program provides strength analysis module, buckling of beams and shells and a wide spectrum of dynamic calculations (see Capabilities). Some of the important advantages of the software include straightforward and easy-to-use options for shell creation, as well as a huge set of tools for high-quality mesh generation. Local forces and moments, displacements (including dynamic), various distributed loadings, thermal loadings, transient loadings, wind and seismic influences can be applied to the structure in a very convenient way. The software then automatically converts the specified loadings to nodal equivalents.


SELENA software is certified by Gosstandart (Russia).
Certificate number is: RA.RU.11АБ86.Н00992.


Sample videos of the program in work are available in section Examples. These samples demonstrate data preparation for analysis of the most common types of building structures: beams, shells and three-dimensional systems.


The software package is compatible with file formats AutoCAD and Cosmos, and is integrated with a complex "OM SNIP Reinforced concrete". Supported operating sistemmy: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7.

On-line documentation

The program is simple and easy to use. Several different analysis types can be performed in one session. Special methods of matrix storage and processing make the computational speed independent of the dimensions of the problem being solved.