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Complete set of "Selena" calculation system3750 USD

Here you can calculate the cost of necessary configuration.

Software modulesPrice
Static analysis+500
P-Delta analysis100
Cable-stayed structures analysis250
Bar systems' buckling (linear analysis)100
Bar systems' buckling taking into account initial hogs300
Shells' buckling (nonlinear analysis)100
Solids' buckling (nonlinear analysis)100
Buckling length of th bar elements detrmination on the basis of the theory of initial hogs+
DYNAMIC - Natural oscillations
Natural frequencies of the system with localized masses50
Natural frequencies of the system with distributed masses50
Mass fitting according to the given natural frequencies50
DYNAMIC - Forced oscillations
Harmonic oscillations of the system with distributed masses100
Steady-state random influence200
Amplitude-frequency respond50
Arbitrary dynamic influence100
Dynamics of systems with varying boundary conditions50
Optimal tuning of the dynamic vibration absorbers200
Movable dynamic load200
Wind pulsation100
Wind resonance100
Construction and knurling the lanes100
Forming a tension adjustment programm of the cables150
Design tension of the cables determination for masts150
Most unfavorable loading combinations determination200
Check and selection of the bar secttions400
Graphic editor+700
Table editor+100
Arbitrary bar sections editor100
Thin-walled bar sections editor100
Material database50
Graphic viewer+200
Reports generator100
Price of the chosen configuration
Minimal set price1500
Overall set price5150

* The special offer! In case of purchase of the complete set the price - $3750

  • Sign '+' marks obligatory components.
  • Cost includes support within one year.
  • At purchase of several installations discounts are given:
    - Cost of the 2-nd installations - 80 % of a face-value of the set;
    - Cost of the 3-rd and other installations - 60 %.
    - Cost of the set cannot be lower than cost of the minimal set.
  • All prices are given without taking into account the tax ( +20 %)